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10.05.2009 • Posted by: David

In case you didn’t feel like showing up, here are some highlights from Interbike ‘09:

Sram’s new X-9 mtn hubs will prove to contest Deore XT in the off-road market. Look for these hubs on several Handspun wheels in the coming months:

Handspun Belgian Series wheels will be ready to take on the Spring classics. The PRO Series are shown here on the Ridley Damocles- HED Belgian Series 23mm wide alloy rim, DT Swiss 240s hubs, Aerolite spokes w/alloy nipples. Check the Belgie flag represented in the spoke nipples- it’s all in the details.

Since Vegas is all about luck, we wanted to join in the spirit by giving away a set of wheels. But we didn’t just give away any old wheels- these were some of the nicest 29’er wheels available- Stan’s Arch 29’er rims, Hope Pro 2 convertible hubs (in red), DT Competition spokes (black, with one white cross)- 100% hand-built with love. Congratulations to Stephen Vaughn from Black Bar Bicycles in Winchester, VA- enjoy your new wheels!

 Twist lace- all-show or all-go? You decide. Either way, it builds an eye catching wheel:

 Handspun Blackouts on the Ridley Oval- in the business world we’d call this a Synergy.

 Vegas is full of things that make you do a double take- this Surly was in the QBP booth and drew a lot of attention. Tragically beatiful or beatifully tragic- you decide.

This gentleman was on the strip with his Crazy Bicycle. If you rode 20’ you won some cash- I don’t know what the scam was, but I’m sure it involved wheels that didn’t turn or a breakaway stem. The safe money gambled on the TI buffet.

Katie Compton took out the women’s field at Cross Vegas with extreme prejudice. Here she’s showing top form on the back stairs:

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