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Competitive Cyclist tied & soldered wheels, Round 2

06.01.2009 • Posted by: David

Competitive Cyclist Tied & Soldered, Round 2

Our friends at Competitive Cyclist know what’s what when it comes to a solid set of wheels, so when they wanted an exclusive tied & soldered wheelset they called on Handspun. This latest run is built on DT Swiss 240s hubs, RR 1.1 rims, with black Competition spokes. Once the wheels have been built to perfection they’re tied and soldered to transform a solid wheelset into something truly spectacular.

Step 1- The tying:

Step 2- Applying the flux:

Step 3- Soldering:

Andy shows off the finished product:

Available now:

To get a pair of these magnificent wheels click yourself on over to Competitive Cyclist .
To have Handspun build you your own custom tied and soldered dream wheels contact your local dealer or contact us at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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