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Handspun Wheel Test HED Belgium Series

07.27.2011 • Posted by: David


Posted by Eric

I recently acquired a set of the Handspun HED Belgium series wheels and had a chance to do quite a bit of riding on them. I’m not sure they were intended to be solely ridden on gravel roads and dirt but that’s just what I’ve been doing with them.


I have always loved riding dirt roads on my road bike but it can definitely beat you down a bit after a few hours. So recently I built up a gravel bike with HED wheels and some fat 32c tires to absorb some of the bumps and make it possible to ride comfortably for long distances. The Belgium series wheels WE7146 and WE7147 use the 23mm wide HED C2 rim and are laced to the HED Novembre hubs. They retail for $345 front and $370 for the rear. These rims are perfect to mount up a fatter road style tire but can handle the standard 23c and up. The theory behind the wider rim is that you have more contact area between the tire and surface you are riding on. This creates a nice wide round arc to the tire tread. This larger contact patch is just plain better. This results in a smoother ride as well as offering more traction in the corners. Having the ability to run a wider tire and run less air pressure is an added bonus. You actually will be rolling faster and experience better ride quality. For more info on the technology visit I should mention we also build a similar wheel set using DT 240 hubs WE7224 and WE7225. These retail for $410 front and $600 rear. I cant say enough about the quality of these rims and the build. They are definitely one of the nicest wheelsets I have riden.


Do you have a story or an experience with Handspun wheels you would like to share? Contact us today.

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Handspun Wheels Tested and Trusted

05.31.2011 • Posted by: David

Posted by Eric 6-9-11

I wanted to share this post by Joe Meiser one of our Handspun friends. Joe is a survivor of races such as the Tour Divide and Trans Iowa. He puts in thousands of miles a year product testing and racing. All of this is done rolling on Handspun wheels, read on.

Joe Meiser

For the last 6 years I’ve ridden nothing but Handspun wheels, built by some of the best wheel builders in the industry here at QBP.  The wheels they’ve built me have withstood 6000+ commuting miles a year, training and racing for the Tour Divide in 2009, pummeling snow covered trails on my Salsa Mukluk, and thousands of miles of gravel road riding and racing .  

Jose Primero 

Without hesitation I ask for their expert advice after explaining what types of conditions I’ll be riding.  My current gravel race wheelset, DT 240 hubs/Aerolite Spokes, and sample carbon rims has seen me through countless finishes at races like the Ragnarok 105, Almanzo 100, Almanzo Royal 162, Dirty Kanza 200, and a win at the 2009 TransIowa.  I remember a point early in the 2009 TransIowa as the sun was coming up where a fellow racer, Dave Pramann, riding next to me asked the question “Are those Carbon Wheels?” To which I replied “absolutely”.  I continue to ride and race these wheels daily, occasionally wondering if I ought to replace them.  It is part curiosity, but mostly trust, I’ll continue to ride them until I wear through the brake track, or spokes start to fail consistently.  With over 10,000 miles on them and still running perfectly I’m confident they’ll last awhile longer.

Jose Y mud buddy

Joe Meiser at the finish of the Royal 162

Photo Courtesy of Cycleture 

The Tour Divide wheelset, well that’s a different story.  They were finally retired after a California Central Coast Mountain Tour in the fall of 2010 where spokes did start to finally fatigue and fail.  Salsa Semi Rims laced to DT240 Centerlock hubs via DT 2.0/1.8 spokes and brass nipples, they saw me from Banff to New Mexico in June of 2009 and continued to see use on my Salsa Fargo after.  They showed signs of wear from mountain passes and singletrack trails until late 2010 where I stressed them on another grand tour in California.  The hubs are still in action after being rebuilt by Handspun and laced into Stan’s Arch rims.

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Trail Tested Wheels Trail Series 4

05.24.2011 • Posted by: David

5-24-11 By Eric

We want to hear from you. We value your stories, your real world experiences out on the trail or the road less traveled. If you are riding Handspun wheels and have a fun story, picture or a great experience with the wheels to share please send them to us at info@handspunwheels. I recently received this email from one of our customers with photos included. It’s always nice to see some glamour shots of a new ride out on the trail. Tyler is riding the Handspun Series 4 wheels built with Sram X9 hubs and NoTubes Arch 29er rims.

Tyler’s swift

Hey Eric, here are some pics of my Singular Swift built up with some Trail Series 4’s. It also has an e13 Crank set, Cane Creek 100 headset, Surly Spacer kit and cog,  Salsa Moto-Ace Bar, Avid Elixir 5’s and some other goodies.  It’s light and rides like a dream thanks to the Handspun Wheels! Keep up the great work!


Tyler Schwirtz

Peace, Love, Happiness


02 Swift 01 Swift

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Wheel test- Shimano Ultegra/Velocity Synergy road wheels

05.23.2011 • Posted by: David

Ultegra/Synergy First Report

This winter we came up with a new wheel combination similar to the classic Shimano Ultegra/Mavic Open Pro idea. We wanted this to be a slightly more durable version of that classic wheelset that many of us have spent hundreds of hours on. The build starts with the tried and true Shimano Ultegra hub, but for the rim we opted for the Velocity Synergy- which boasts a 23mm width, classic profile, and stainless eyelets. Built up with DT Swiss Competition (2.0/1.8) spokes and brass nipples (32h), the end result is a classicly styled wheelset with durability to spare.

Ride testing began in February of this year, and the test ride was the hot new Nature Boy Zona from our friends at All-City cycles. The riding was not kind- MN winters are tough, and our unpredictable springtime weather isn’t much better. These wheels were subjected to snow, ice, dirt, and lots of water. Through it all they took the pain and asked for more. Still 100% round and true, these wheels are still in the daily commute program, and will continue to be used throughout the season.

Springtime in MN:

Nature Boy + the Minnesota River

 Springtime in MN.

Four months on and still going strong (south LRT rail trail, Chaska, MN):

South LRT- Chaska, MN


Still true.

The Handspun production wheels (HS Peloton Series 9) are built on silver Synergy rims w/silver spokes, for a truly classic look- available now:

HS Peloton Series 9 (WE7271)

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Handspun People and Tools of the Trade

05.17.2011 • Posted by: David

The Handspun Crew is hard at work. We are currently working a ton of over time to bring you the finest in Hand built wheels. This is a glimpse into the daily view from Handspun builders. Tools of the trade like the DT Swiss tensio are essential to building our wheels to proper tensions.



worker bees

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